Technical Support


After Sales

PackFORM relies on a highly trained technical team, trained for the necessary assistance to your project's after sales. Focused specially on the start-up processes and user training, the Technical Support PackFORM provides services to the entire national and international market quickly and efficiently.



A complete structure and updated teaching materials, allow PackFORM to offer to the equipment's users the appropriate factory and field training. Contact the PackFORM team and request training in factory or field for the best use and performance of your team and your packaging line.

Peças de Reposição

Spare Parts

The availability of spare parts, enables agility in case of corrective maintenance. This availability is a commitment of the staff after sales PackFORM.

Manutenção Preventiva

Preventive maintenance

The plan for preventive maintenance of PackFORM's equipment provides safety and tranquility for the production, allowing proper planning of maintenance without interfering with productivity.

Manual Técnico

Technical Manual

A technical manual highly detailed and illustrated, making easy to access information any moment.

Diferencial PackFORM

PackFORM's Differential

All this combined with quality, durability and ease of maintenance of PackFORM equipment, so that customers rarely need to trigger PackFORM Technical Support.
The independence and autonomy of its customers is the main differential and a source of pride to the PackFORM After Sales team.