Case Packers - Side Load

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Equipment’s Description

The side loader case packer SideFORM ELD is destined to automatic case packing rectangular shaped containers – carton shells, display cases, Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) and rigid packages, such as vacuum coffee packages.

It unites case erecting, case packing and case closing on a single equipment, highly productive and with a small footprint for the smallest end-of-line room. Contact us about this and other automatic case packing solutions!


The Side Case Packer receives the case bundles and products from the filling line, splits them on layers (according to the packing pattern), erects the transportation cases and pushes the products inside the case. Then, the machine closes and seals the inferior and superior flaps of the corrugated case, making it ready for palletizing and transportation.

Packages and Products Attended

  • Regular Slotted Container
    Regular Slotted Container
  • Display / Carton Shells
    Display / Carton Shells

Segments Served by this Solution

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmacists
  • Personal Care
    Personal Care