Case Packers - Stand Up Pouch

Workflow Encaixotadora SUP
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Equipment’s Description

The Stand Up Pouch Case Packer SupFORM ESP does the automatic packaging of Stand Up Pouch type packages – also know as doypacks or simply SUPs – of different sizes.


The machine receives the SUPs from filling line, at the same time the corrugated cases, ready to receive the products – that is – erected and with sealed bottom enter the machine. The machine separates the correct amount of products on each layer and pushes it inside the case. The machine performs this procedure until the right amount of layers is pushed into the case. Then, the case leaves the machine.

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Does your company uses stand up pouch type of packaging? Talk to us about alternatives to automating the end of your production line!

Packages and Products Attended

  • Tray Case
    Tray Case
  • Regular Slotted Container
    Regular Slotted Container
  • Stand-up Pouch
    Stand-up Pouch

Segments Served by this Solution

  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
    Personal Care
  • Household Cleaning
    Household Cleaning